Our services varies from residential, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, industrial,

educational, public/civic, religious, infrastructure, transportation, and energy.

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CEC consultancy expertise use expansive knowledge, technological capability and integrated approach to provide solutions that optimize all elements of the function of any building.

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CEC have an excellent track record in green building design, helping clients push forward green building standards in a cost effective way. CEC the first company to be listed in the green book live for international BREEAM scheme assessments in Egypt. CEC is a member in the “US Green Council” since 2010.

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Our clients include public and private development companies, CEC work involves integrated resorts, which offer a broad range of operating and real estate components, and are designed to maximize the visitor experience and investment performance. Like Ferrari world.

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The leisure and hospitality market is focused on creating highly attractive environment while achieving guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. CEC assists clients in creating distinctive environments where architecture, landscape combine for an unforgettable experience.

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CEC create healing environments that offer quiet overnight stays, cleanroom research laboratories and visitor-friendly accommodation. CEC experience has earned special recognition within the healthcare industry, because we listen and respond with solutions.

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CEC offers integrated coordinated engineering solutions and project management services that reflect its extensive experience in this field. CEC is the first consultancy office in Egypt to have ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and this reflects its vision regarding the environment and sustainability in all our engineering services.

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CEC coordinate designs for buildings that are flexible and future-ready. CEC provide cost certainty and manage risk through best practices.

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CEC has new approaches to development possible public areas depend on technical expertise, innovations and policy instruments with integrated thinking and economic considerations. 

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CEC deliver comprehensive solutions that create the best innovative concepts spaces that allow people to enjoy their prayers efficiently and comfortably.

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CEC delivers engineering, project management and consulting services for highways, roads, and streets, and bridges. Water supply, resources, and waste management. Power generation, the transmission of power and telecommunications. Hazardous waste and removal.


Our experts have an extensive experience in services for transportation, railways, mass transit and airports.

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CEC is pioneer in Egypt to work in wind energy since 2005.


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