CEC provides full consulting engineering services include planning; architectural and engineering design; management and construction supervision for hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings, transportation facilities, recreation, housing, and community development. Services include the previous capabilities and more.

Architecture Services

Analysis of problems and opportunities with recommendations concerning growth and development. Plans usually emphasize land use transportation, air and water quality, economic and labor force development, and natural and social resource utilization.

 Includes examination of community goals, land uses, transportation and utility needs, alternative patterns of development to meet objectives, and recommendation of a plan with phasing strategies to achieve cohesive development over a period of years.

Development of a building program for a specific site including evaluation of existing conditions and resources, establishment of the optimum site location for new construction, preparation of the space program, evaluation of alternative conceptual designs, and analysis of construction costs, financing methods ,and construction phasing schedules.

Full services ranging from program definition to architectural and engineering design, and development of complete construction and tender documents in all architectural and engineering disciplines. The goal is to create a design that sensitively responds to each. Client’s unique combination of aesthetic, operational and functional needs, budget restrictions, and site, climatic, social, climatic, social, and cultural requirements. Early in the process of design, alternative concepts are development to test potential solutions and to Obtain the client’s approval of the design direction.

Site planning and design of landscaped settings for buildings and recreation to create a visual, serene environment for optimum passive or active uses. Design of outdoor recreational facilities such as parks, golf courses, athletic fields and courts, swimming pools, and stadiums selection, specification, of plant materials, equipment, and outdoor furniture.

A comprehensive range of interior design services from space planning and programming to the selection   furnishings and final design of the new interior environment. Graphic design services include development of interior and exterior sign systems and design of corporate identity programs including and exterior sign systems and design of corporate identity programs including logos, stationary, brochures, and annual reports.

Most of the Egyptian architects and engineers are using modern tools to replicate a version of what happened 100 years ago. However, CEC is dedicated to providing an integrated whole systems approach to architectural design, land planning, and construction administration services, with a particular emphasis on sustainable, high performance buildings. CEC Green architecture may have many of these characteristics: Ventilation systems designed for efficient heating and cooling; Energy-efficient lighting and appliances; Water-saving plumbing fixtures; Landscapes planned to maximize passive solar energy; Minimal harm to the natural habitat; Alternate power sources such as solar power or wind power; Non synthetic, non-toxic materials; Locally obtained woods and stone; Responsibly harvested woods; Adaptive reuse of older buildings; Use of recycled architectural salvage; Efficient use of space.

Engineering Services

Planning and design of regional of regional, municipal, or site infrastructure including roads, walkways, and on-site parking; storm drainage and flood control; water supply, treatment, and distribution; wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal; and other utility systems.

Joint venture partners experience includes all forms of tunnels and bridges. Hard rock and soft ground tunnels, shafts, cut-and-cover structures, step-plate junctions, project modeling for underground works, portals and openings. Also, from some of the longest cable-stayed and suspension bridges to multi-span viaducts, swing bridges, arch bridges, small and medium highway structures, footbridges and bridge refurbishment.

Materials engineering design and reviews; Construction materials testing and construction monitoring; Evaluation and rehabilitation of structures; Engineering investigations; Materials and products research and development; Failure investigations and rehabilitation of structures, Non-destructive testing and evaluation; Advanced materials testing; Pavement design, evaluation and rehabilitation; Building science technologies; Development, implementation and audits of construction QA/QC programs.

Ensuring that the building will be safe and secure, with the ability to withstand various pressures and stressors from the environment.

Perform the cycle analysis and optimize power plant systems. Our skills encompass: Routing, specifying and stress analysis of hot pipe and minimizing loads on equipment; All aspects of power plant electrical design, including high voltage systems, load flow studies, short circuit analysis and switchyard design; Design of fossil boiler burner management systems and combustion control systems, as well as turbine control systems for steam turbines and combustion turbines; Detail design of power plant systems, including turbine pedestals, gas turbine foundations and boiler support steel.

Offers both strategic studies into the application of technologies and design services including: analogue and digital CCTV; security and access control; fire detection and protection systems; public address and voice alarm; voice and data networks; wired and wireless network infrastructure; broadband; TV and access control; fire detection and protection systems; public address and voice alarm; voice and data networks; wired and wireless network infrastructure; broadband; TV and radio distribution systems; broadcast media infrastructure; building and energy management systems; multimedia and audiovisual systems; information management and security; footfall and crowd counting systems; campus and site wide infrastructure.

We specialize in heating, ventilating and air conditioning for every type of building, from the smallest to the largest installation. Our services include all phases of work: surveys, analysis, studies, reports, design, specification, contract management, and supervision.

Our plumbing design includes utility coordination, domestic water, sanitary-industrial-grease waste systems, natural gas, compressed air, low and high rise buildings, process point of connect, grey water and reclaimed systems, filtration, and pressurization.

Grey water, black water, rainwater harvesting, building systems water conservation.

Early stage modeling for site and envelope optimization includes 3-D modeling of mechanical and electrical systems, 3-D day lighting and natural, ventilation analysis, CFD analysis, Studies and design of alternative energy systems.
Capability to take onshore and offshore projects from solar and wind profiling and economic feasibility studies through to site assessment, engineering, design, project delivery and commissioning. With joint venture partners we can provide turnkey EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) solutions.
Our front-end capability supports development of our customers’ upstream and downstream assets – both onshore and offshore (fixed and floating). Our technical experts include consultant engineers who specialize in advanced engineering techniques, pipeline mapping and downstream technologies such as gas processing, gas-to-liquids and coal-to chemicals.

Project Management Services

Full management facilities are offered, planning; time and cost control; quality assurance; value engineering; coordination between different disciplines.

Full-time or periodic on-site representation during construction to observe the progress and quality of the contractor’s work and to determine that the work is proceeding in accordance with the contract documents. These services in clued interpretation of drawing and specifications for contractors, review of building component shop drawings, approval of material and equipment samples, and authorizing changes approved by the client.

Assistance to the client in pre-qualification of contractors and preparation of invitation to bid, instruction to bidders, and the proposal form and construction contract.

Value engineering services directed at analyzing designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selections for the purpose of achieving essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with required performance, quality, reliability, and safety during design or construction stages.

Our services are broad in scope and tailored to meet the needs of the contractor for each specific project. These services include pre-bid or contract negotiation; pre-construction project evaluation; complete design and construction document services; and construction administration.

Wide range of skills begins with feasibility studies, business planning and concept plus detailed design. Our service includes value engineering workshops to define structural and equipment specifications that will give an economic life and operating cost in line with each customer’s business plan. We also carry out transportation studies to optimise raw material supply and finished product distribution.


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